Ghazal ke Hindi mei Asaan Chand

Book Title: Ghazal ke Hindi mei Asaan Chand

Author: Devendra Majhi 


A book written by Devendra Majhi. Shri Devendra Majhi has been the chief editor of “Sandhya Dainik Veer Arjun” , Milap Sandesh, Dilli -Mid-Day, Dainik Publishing Asia and has worked for Daily C.N.N. and Daily Gurgaon Mail .
His ghazals have been published through five books – Samundar ke Dayare, Majbooriyan Meri, Kyon Sabhi Khamosh Hain, Hadisa Hoon Mai, Ishare Hawaon Kei. He has sucessfully compiled a Vrihat Tukant Rashi , a compilation of homonyms across hindi language. An adept at writing of dohas he has published them in his book Jhuki Hui Peeth.
It was after an extensive publication of ghazals that Shri Devendra Majhi wrote easy rules for Hindi Ghazals through this book.
Poiesis Society for Poetry has awarded this book for the best individual effort in the fourth quarter of 2016