Ahsaas Hoon Mai

“Ahsaas Hoon Mai” is the third book by well-known theater lover & poet Suraj Rai “Suraj” based out of Jabalpur. His first two books “Dhuan Dhuan Suraj” and “Mai Tumhara Chehra” were widely read and appreciated by people. Suraj is not just a poet who writes, but has lived his life with the same poetics as he writes his poetry. He is a person who has been continuously working on social reconstruction and for releasing the oppressed. The characters of his poetry are living people, who feed his soul with the emotional experiences and become the soul of his poetry. His works in the book “Ahsaas Hoon Mai” is a catharsis which was reached through the development of free verse poetry, Muktaks and Ghazals in his first two books. It is worthwhile to read “Ahsaas Hoon mai” as a reflection of internal conflict that the society faces.