Charag Jaltey Hain

Book Title: Charag Jaltey Hain 

Author: Raaz Sagari

The book “Charag Jaltey Hain” contains ghazals written by noted shair  Raz Sagri, presently living in Khargone (M. P.), a small town in West Nimar region.

Raz Sagri  belongs to club of modern Urdu poets who are well known to the Hindi audience .

The ghazals in this book are his latest and are also the best poetic work of the writer till now. He write the contradictions of our time and zeal to overcome the same; the fatigue and inner strength of common man of the present age.  All  of this is expressed  in the language of general public. This book is in devnagari script for a better reach to the larger audience in India and abroad.

The author is Abdul Kadir (Raiin) who writes with the pen name Raz Sagri, lives in Khargone (M. P.),a small town in West Nimar region . He is the son of Sheikh Abdullah Bagban and was born on 30 Dec 1950 in  Khargone (M. P.).  He is well known for his art of ghazal writing and is a celebrated poet of the region.


His works have been awarded by Poiesis Society for Poetry as a commendable book for the third quarter of 2017