Big B on Poiesis

Poetry is the food for the soul – a language at its most distilled and powerful. But is poetry still relevant today? The modern problem is that, just maybe, the fine arts are not considered as important as they were.  Do we not remember verses that touched our aching hearts or elevated our thoughts? In many other transformations, poetry is still regarded as a very beautiful form.

Epics and poetry give us memorable vignettes. For ages the epics have been told, retold and still have an impact. They still resonate, in new but recognizable ways. The Mahabharata and Ramayana are powerful fables, and they represent for Hindus, what the Bible and the Greek myths together may have historically represented in the West. Indian literature is renowned throughout the world for its complexity and depth, reflecting the incredible diversity of India itself.

Let us not all be desensitized humanoids of technology who send monosyllabic text messages or memos. There are yet people who enjoy the beauty of language and poetry. It would behoove many to read poetry ……….. so that they could have fresh sayings and even ideas of their own that are expressed more artistically and not to be so trite. Irrespective of the fact that the new forms of words and spellings in the vogue today is quite different, poetry is still something that has been, is, and will always, be appreciated.