Kalyug ki Poorva Sandhya

Book Title: Kalyug ki Poorva Sandhya

Author: Vineet Agarwal

‘Kalyug Ki Poorv Sandhya’ is a bilingual poem containing 153 verses in Hindi and English. The English verses are translation of the Hindi verses by the author himself.

The poem narrates the sequence of events on the last day of the battle of Mahabharata. Since the dark age, the Kalyug, followed the battle of Mahabharata, the book  has been aptly named.
The sequence of events have been described in a delightful, poetic-rhythm from an impartial perspective. The subject matter of this composition is not motivated or propelled by imagination but is based on well researched information available in various versions of Mahabharata and other places in Sanskrit literature.
The various tales of the epic which are referred to in this composition have been explained in the beginning of the Book for the ease of reader. The language is reminiscent of the past. In all a treat for the mythological freaks.
The poet is  Vineet Agarwal who serves as an IPS officer.
This work has also been awarded by Poiesis Society for Poetry as the best work of an upcoming poet in the second quarter of 2017.