S M Akhtar – Dean Emeritus Poetics

Prof. S. M. Akhtar is a man of multi-disciplinary background, his scope of studies spans  Architecture, Town Planning, Social Sciences and Environment.
He is a graduate of The Indian Institute of Architecture, a Post Graduate of the Institute of Town Planners India, with a Master Degree in Public Administration (which covers Urban & Rural Environment Management, Sociology, Economics), a Bachelor’s degree in Law, and Ph.D. on Urban Housing.
He is the first recipient of D.Litt. in Public Administration as well first Architect and Planner honoured with a D.Litt. degree: D. Litt. was awarded on a thesis titled “Translating Democratic Virtues into Sustainable Physical Development”, which is composite work on Policy Science and Ekistics.
He has served four consecutive terms spanning over 12 years as Dean Faculty of Architecture & Ekistics. He developed Six Masters degree programs namely, M. Ekistics, M. Arch Architecture Pedagogy, M. Arch–Building Services, M. Arch–Medical Architecture, M. Arch Recreation Architecture, M. Arch Urban Regeneration, all of which have been developed to serve contemporary needs of the country as well of the global society.
Under his initiative, the first Faculty of Architecture & Ekistics got established at a Central University.
Dr S.M.Akhtar’s book with his research “Islamic Architecture – Perceptions and Paradox” is affirmative of his poetic consciousness.
He is a  poet  and his book “बर्फ़ पर जमी आग” has received wide acclaim.