Suraj ke Gaon Mein

Book Title: Suraj ke Gaon Mein

Author: Saroj Singh Parihar “Suraj”

“Suraj ke gaon mein”, is a poetry-collection of the works of Saroj Singh Parihar “Suraj”  in Hindi. Her poetry is in a variety of syllable value styles, embellished with innumerable emotions and metaphors. Suraj believes that this world is balanced with the presence of opposites – she believes happiness with sadness , love with pain, peace with war and life with death and we can see her beliefs translated in her book as poetry.
In the book, she walks the reader through a path of emotions and perceptions, without the encumbrance of the feelings. Towards the end of the book she has given a glimpse in to the styles of different poetic verse forms. In her writings Poiesis sees the Hindi Verse forms alive.
Saroj Singh Parihar, is the principal of a school in Satna ( Madhya Pradesh) , who writes with the pen name “SURAJ”.
This work has also been awarded by Poiesis Society for Poetry as the best work of an upcoming poet in the first quarter of 2017.