Book Title : Sopan Ghazal Sangrah

Author: Sopan Poetry Group

This anthology is a collection of ghazals of fresh ghazal writers from over eight hindi speaking states of India. it has representative works of established poets who have been writing together each evening on social media and are connected through facebook.

Sopan is a poetry group with about 10000 ( ten thousand poets and poetry lovers). They are of all age groups and professions . Through this group which holds its meeting point in Facebook, an extempore – ghazal writing activity called “filbadih” is conducted every evening, without fail at 7:30 pm. After finishing their work, people gather on the network to do poetry.  On days there are as many as ten thousand couplets posted.

Sopan also has study groups where fresh writers are taught ghazal writing – syllabel value rules. Such groups bring more positivity and energy to social networks.

Poiesis society for Poetry has awarded this book as the best work of a poetry group in the second quarter of 2018.