Poetry News

Foundation of Poiesis-JMI Poetry Group at Jamia Milia Islamia

The first institutional affiliation of POIESIS was done on the 20th March 2017 at the Department of Architecture JMI. A day long recitation and theory of poetry workshop on concluded in the formulation of a small group of students interested in poetry.

With the involvement of A.J.K. Mass Communication Research Centre, five recitation were recorded and aired at the Jamia Community Radio.

POIESIS Society for Poetry is extremely thankful for the initiative taken up by HOD Architecture Mr. Mohammad Ziauddin, Ms. Arshiya Ahmed and Student co-ordinators Ms. Niharika Arora, Ms Sumaiya Muslim and Mr. Asad Ahmad.

Book Release

Book Launch of Bhupendra Singh’s Collection

The Book Launch of Shri Bhupendra Singh ” Shoonya”  book Chand Hua Hai Pani Pani (चाँद हुआ है पानी पानी) which comprises of his lifetime collection of ghazals is the first individual poet publication of Poiesis.

The Book launch and recitations of eminent poets was carried out during the NBT book fair at Pragati Maidan on 14.1.2017 – the auspicious day of Makar Sankranti.

Poiesis through Bhupendra Singh “Shunya” has started long chain of books for individual poets who have agreed to create a strong firm base, a trunk for the tree that shall prosper in the sky of poetic revolution.

We are indebted to Shri Suraj Rai Suraj, Smt. Chitra Desai, Shri Devendra Majhi and Shri Vijay Swarnkar who were present during the event.

Book Release

Devendra Majhi : Collection of Ghazals

The book launch of Devendra Majhi ji’s publication  “Ghazal Mei Hindi Kei Asaan Chand ” (गज़ल में हिन्दी के आसान छंद ) on the grammar of ghazal writing was done at the Old Delhi Public Library , on the 11th day of Feb 2017.

The book launch was hosted in Dawat-e-Sukhan-2 . This is an effort to work on the syllable-grammer of Hindi poetry writing.